Information for collection points

Firstly, thank you very much for helping us in this way! It makes a huge difference to have your support.

Collection point opening times

Boxes will be donated up until Tuesday 13th December, with the main focus for collection points being Wednesday 14th December. Your collection point doesn’t need to be open all the time on these days but please let us know which days and times you are able to accept donations of boxes, so that we can keep the information on this website up to date.

If you have room to store boxes until we can pick them up on Wednesday 14th December – fantastic! But if not, let us know and we can collect boxes as and when you need the space.

Signup sheets

It is helpful for us to know how many boxes to expect, so that we can make sure as many families as possible will benefit from the scheme this year. You can let us know by  email at, via  Facebook or Twitter. If you’re a large organisation you may find this signup sheet helpful to gather pledges of box donations.